Our winter semester runs from January through April with monthly simulations. The price for the semester is $140, that’s only $35 a simulation.


Dead Authors Society
Purpose: Open eyes to great authors and their personalities. Take some first steps on the long road to writing like the greats. Emphasize with history as you meet with and temporarily become the great authors of all time. Immerse yourself in the world of writing, come discuss and write about substantive subject matter. It will be a unique and life-changing opportunity to witness personalities interact, who were separated by nearly two and one-half millennia.


Arizona v Dr. Jekyll
Purpose: Bring a big problem in society into view and tackle some additional themes from the book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Substance abuse laws address growing needs as society manipulates chemicals and biological process to solve personal problems both in and beyond physical health.  Much of the consequential suffering is dealt with in the courtroom.  Participants will feel the weight and responsibility as they take people’s lives into their own hands. The results of this fictional case could reveal solutions for a country weighed down with illegal and prescription drug problems.  As a participant you will feel the magic of the courtroom and the pressure that comes with it.


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